Bugs and Improvements

  • Set up automatic Twitter/Facebook posting when new chapters are published?
    • Set up a Twitter account, will worry about the rest later


  • Consider incorporating Tadpole’s css tweak


  • Segment it by openldap, inspircd, anope, bots / wordpress / mediawiki, parsoid
    • Rationale: light on resources and stable / mission-critical but rebootable / expendable but resource-heavy
  • Migrate Inspircd and Anope to Docker containers
  • Add irc subdomain to Let’s Encrypt certs
  • Dockerize Dashy and Cashy bots (delegate to someone else)
  • Set up an LDAP server
    • Migrate Anope users over to LDAP
    • Migrate Anope channel permissions database over to LDAP
    • Swap Anope to use the new LDAP databases
    • Set up online signup w/ email confimation
  • Set up MediaWiki
    • Including parsoid?
    • Authenticate via LDAP


  • Figure out theme caching issues.
    • This might involve getting rid of the alternate theme and adding some CSS/JS to swap the colors.
    • Take a look at image sizing issues in relation to this; I suspect it’s the same thing.

This ended up with removal of the alternate theme. See this post for an explanation, and feel free to follow up with me if you want to share your thoughts.

  • Downsize the server now that the initial rush has subsided

Downsized the database instance; will bring up the k8s cluster with smaller instances and shut down the original when it switches over.

  • Switch to a k8s (Kubernetes) cluster
    • Next steps:
      • Migrate certs, automate Let’s Encrypt -> ACM import
      • Migrate Wordpress data
      • Test Wordpress with hardcoded /etc/hosts
      • Point at old Wordpress
      • Switch DNS over
  • Migrate Inspircd and Anope to the k8s cluster
    • Add irc to Let’s Encrypt certs

Going to stick with a smaller, less enterprisey setup, and just document a conventional docker/docker-compose process.

  • Add Jetpack plugin

Did so.

  • Make sure RSS is working

It does.

  • Get rid of black fringe from theme.

Did so.